If you’re worried about a child, call the NSPCC Children Protection Helpline on 0808 800 5000. Free national 24 hour service providing counselling, information and advice.


Textphone helpline: 0800 056 0566 (English only)
Welsh helpline: 0808 100 2524 – Monday-Friday 10am-6pm.
Asian helplines (All of these lines are open Monday-Friday 11am-7pm):


Bengali: 0800 096 7714
Gujurati: 0800 096 7715
Hindi: 0800 096 7716
Punjabi: 0800 096 7717
Urdu: 0800 096 7718
Asian helpline in English: 0800 096 7719


Free Resources
Women’s Aid have produced some free resources for you to download. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software to download them.


The Hideout Poster for Children (PDF)
A poster to publicise The Hideout website, aimed at children.


The Hideout Poster for Young People (PDF)
A poster to publicise The Hideout website, aimed at teenagers.


Expect Respect leaflet (PDF)
A leaflet for children and young people about healthy relationships, showing respect to others and what to do if you are experiencing abuse.


Chatterbox game (PDF)
A “chatterbox” game for younger children who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence, which suggests ways to deal with emotions.


Online Refuge poster (PDF)
A poster which publicises the online refuge that children and young people can access on the Hideout website.

You can order this from us for a small charge, to cover postage and staff costs. Please contact Ruth Willcocks.


Other websites: