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A lot

This doesn’t sound good and things be quite bad within your relationship. This is domestic abuse and is not acceptable. You really should consider speaking to someone you trust and get help. Remember, this is not your fault and your fault and you don’t deserve to be treated like this – you’re boyfriend or girlfriend should trust you.
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That’s not good. It sounds as though things are not quite right within your relationship. No one should be checking who you’ve been calling or texting. This is abusive and is not acceptable. You might want to get help and speak to someone you trust. You can talk to someone you know, like a teacher or a friend’s mum, or call one of the helpline numbers.
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That’s great! It sounds like your boy/girlfriend trusts you, and, although no person or relationship is perfect, they seem to treat you with respect. However, if you still need to talk to someone about your relationship or what you’re feeling try talking to someone you trust.
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