If your boyfriend or girlfriend is abusive it’s likely that they’ll use excuses to justify their hurtful behaviour. This might make you start doubting whether your concerns about your relationship are valid.


Have you heard these excuses before?


• “It’s not abuse, it’s coz I love you.”


• “I was having a bad day.”


• “It’s normal to be jealous, it just means I love you.”


• “It’s your fault, you upset me” or “You made me angry.”


• “It only happened once. It won’t happen again.”


• “You deserved it.”


• “I was drunk” or “I was high on drugs.”


• “It’s not my fault, I’m messed up.”


• “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”


Any of these sound familiar? These are signs of an unhealthy or abusive relationship. There is no excuse for abuse. You don’t deserve it, and it mustn’t be tolerated!