Politicians, teachers, the police… there are lots of people out there making lots of decisions on your behalf, but are they making the right ones? We want to make sure that your experiences of domestic violence are not being overlooked by those who are in positions where they can actually make a difference.

You might have lots of questions and suggestions, or just one or two that you’d like to ask the government, the police, a judge or even your school about domestic violence that you haven’t been able to ask. So over the summer of 2013, we asked you to send in your questions and comments and asked them to five highly influential people. The interviews were conducted and filmed by young people who had experienced domestic violence and have been made into five short films.


Watch the five films below and visit the Youtube channel to comment!


Grateful thanks to Berkshire East and South Bucks Women’s Aid, VividEcho and all the young people who helped make this project possible.


Film 1 : Domestic Abuse- Introduction



Film 2 : Domestic Abuse- The Law



Film 3 : Domestic Abuse- Education



Film 4 : Domestic Abuse- Practical Information



Domestic Abuse- What can we do now?