Explore your feelings

Question 1

I feel happy things are going really well for me

Explore your feelings Question 1


It’s not easy to feel happy all the time. If you can identify some things that make you happy, it’s probably a sign that there are some good things in your life. Feeling happy should feel good.


That’s brilliant! You probably know the kinds of things that make you happy – for example, the things you like to do – and you are able to do them regularly.


Sounds as though things aren’t going that well for you right now. If you never feel happy, you must be pretty upset and maybe even fed up with life. If you are feeling this way, it’s really important that you talk to someone about your worries. You have a right to feel happy and it’s important that you get help.

Not sure

Understanding how you feel is never easy. Feelings are always changing and often pass very quickly. If you are confused and need to work out how you’re feeling, it might help to talk to someone. You could phone one of the helplines for children and young people listed at the bottom of the page of The Hideout.