Explore your feelings Question 2

Question 2

I feel angry – I feel like punching someone or something

Explore your feelings Question 2


Anger is a healthy feeling. We’re all angry sometimes. However, hurting someone or destroying property because you’re angry is not OK – try going for a walk to calm down instead. Remember, you can’t always control what you feel, but you can control how you deal with your feelings.


Anger is a healthy feeling, but it can get really tiring and upsetting if you’re always feeling angry. Try talking to someone to help you work out why you are always angry. That person can also help you think of ways you can get rid of some of your angry feelings. Hurting someone else or destroying property is never OK.


Sounds as though you’re feeling really good! Sometimes it’s difficult to identify angry feelings – you might feel sad or lonely instead. If this is the case, you could try talking to someone you trust about how you feel.

Not sure

Understanding how you feel is never easy. Feelings are always changing and often pass very quickly. If you are confused and need to work out how you’re feeling, it might help to talk to someone.