Explore your feelings Question 6

Question 6

I feel frustrated – I feel like life is unfair; nothing turns out the way I want it to, no matter how hard I try.

Explore your feelings Question 6


That’s OK! What you’re feeling is what most of us feel at least some of the time. Life can be very frustrating. Do you kow what things are making you feel frustrated? Try writing a list or talking to someone about it. Once you know what is making you feel that way it will be easier to change it!


Life can feel very frustrating. If you’re feeling frustrated all the time, you’re probably not feeling very happy. But you can change the way you feel. Try talking to someone about your worries and frustrations. This could be the first step towards feeling differently! You could ring one of the helplines for children and young people for advice and support.


That’s very impressive. – most people feel frustrated sometimes! SOunds as though things are working out for you and that you’ve found helpful ways of dealing with your feelings.

Not sure

Understanding how you feel is never easy. Feelings are always changing and often pass very quickly. If you are confused and need to work out how you’re feeling, it might help to talk to someone.