Daisy’s story – Part 3

Part 3: Daisy talks about how she was affected at school.

Daisy talks about how she was affected at school.
“Because of the age I was when this was going on (I was in junior school at the time) I remember quite often falling asleep in class where I’d been up all night sat on the landing making sure nothing was going to happen to my mum in terms of I was always going to be there if anything were to happen. Thinking back I was always so scared to do anything that if anything had happened I don’t know what I actually would have done to be honest.
As I say you just get on with it at the end of the day though. Quite often I’d love being at school because it got me out of the house, and away from all the arguing, but at the same time I’d feel guilty because I was thinking “well my mum’s at home alone with him, what’s happening?” I almost felt guilty of the fact that I was able to escape from it and she wasn’t.
Obviously luckily for me eventually we got out of the situation because my mum got help and advice in terms of what to do and it made everything better.”