Other Education Resources

In addition to Women’s Aid’s Education Toolkit ‘Expect Respect’, here are a range of existing resources that teachers and other professionals can also draw upon to meet the education needs of children and young people to prevent and respond to domestic violence.

If you are aware of existing resources that others would find useful and that are not listed here, please contact us.

Audience: Primary

Dot Com (formerly Miss Dorothy)
Author: Sharon Doughty
Description: The learning programme uses Dot Com, a cartoon character and her friends to communicate messages to primary school children based on coping strategies.
Type: Online resources with a children’s workbook and a play for key stage 2
Cost: There are some free downloads on the website (other resources are available to buy from the website).

Helping Hands for Children
Author: Northern Ireland Women’s Aid Federation
Description: This activity pack has been designed to introduce children and facilitators to Protective Behaviours, as a strategy for the prevention of abuse of children. It highlights the rights children have in relation to safety and support.
Type: Activity Pack

Audience: Secondary

The Star Project
Author: Southampton Rape Crisis (SRC)
Description: This is a programme which ‘aims to reduce the incidence of rape and sexual abuse’. The programme allows young people to create an online character, post to a forum and answer questions around relationships and sex.
Type: Online web games
Cost: Free

Bursting the Bubble
Author: Domestic Violence Resource Centre, State of Victoria, Australia
Description: Bursting the bubble is a website for teenagers with information, quizzes, checklists (for domestic violence, child abuse and sexual abuse) and case studies of teenagers affected by domestic violence
Type: Webpage
Cost: Free to access online

Audience: Primary & Secondary

All About Me, Teachers’ Packs
Author: NSPCC (Childline)
Description: Teachers packs covering issues in PSHE and citizenship. Using a range of music, art, multimedia and drama activities, the pack will help to build children’s self-esteem, help them to understand their feelings, improve their communication skills, and enable them to identify people whom they trust and would talk to if they were feeling unhappy or unsafe.
Type: Teachers’ packs
Cost: Teachers’ Packs cost £45 for key stage 2 and 3 together (£25 each)

Brave Girls and Strong Women
Author: Jyotsna Sreenivasan
Description: A list of books designed to help build and maintain their self-esteem. The list is divided into age groups from 2-17 years old and has brief descriptions of each book.
Type: Reading List
Cost: Free and the books are available to buy from www.amazon.co.uk

Spiralling Toolkit for safer, healthier relationships
Author: Bristol Domestic Abuse Prevention Programme (Domestic Violence Responses for Safer Bristol) Domestic Violence Responses, National Youth Theatre and yeast Culture for Safer Bristol
Description: An educational toolkit dealing with domestic violence with information and activities that can be used in primary and secondary schools. There is also a DVD that can be used with the toolkit.
Type: Toolkit and DVD
Cost: Free to download.

‘Can you keep a secret?’, ‘Standing By’, ‘Heartstrings’, ‘Out of harm’s way’
Author: Cheshire Safeguarding Children in Education Team
Description: A set of resources including drama projects which were developed ‘for use in Cheshire school to raise awareness of domestic abuse and promote safe disclosure’. There are also booklets with information for the age ranges covered. Primary and Secondary Schools
Primary: (Can you keep a secret and standing by)
Secondary: (Heartstrings and Out of Harm’s Way)
Type: Drama projects for use in schools. Booklets including information and activities as well as DVDs of the dramas
Cost: For costs contact the team in Cheshire via the council website

Audience: Other useful resources for teachers

Silence is not always golden
Author: National Union of Teachers (NUT)
Description: This document suggests ways that teachers can address the issue of domestic violence across the curriculum.
Type: Pamphlet
Cost: Free to download