Is my relationship healthy Question 7

Question 7

Have you stopped seeing your friends because of your boy / girlfriend’s jealousy?

Is my relationship healthy Question 7


That’s good. It sounds like he/she has respect for you. Just because you have a boy/girlfriend, doesn’t mean you can’t have other friends. However, no person or relationship is perfect, if you still need to talk to someone about your relationship or what you’re feeling try talking someone you trust.

It wasn’t because of jealousy. I just grew apart from my other friends.

It’s normal to grow apart. That’s part of growing up. However, if it was because your boy/girlfriend was jealous or didn’t like your friends, then things are not quite right within your relationship. You might want to get help. To find out what help is available, speak to someone you trust or call one of the helpline numbers.


This is not good at all. No one has the right to stop you from seeing your friends. It sounds though your boy/girlfriend is trying to control what you do or isolate you from your friends. This is unacceptable behaviour, and you should get some help. Speak to someone you trust – perhaps a parent, a friend or a teacher.