Explore your feelings Question 3

Question 3

I feel alone – I have no one to talk to or to do things with. I feel as though no one understands me.

Explore your feelings Question 3


All of us feel lonely sometimes. When you feel lonely it might help to write about it, perhaps in a diary, or draw a picture of how you feel, Reading a book can sometimes help, too.


All of us feel lonely sometimes, especially if there’s a lot going on. If you’re always feeling lonely and that feeling never seems to go away, it might be a good idea to talk to an adult you can trust about this. This could be your mum, a teacher or friend, for example.


Sounds as though you’re feeling pretty good right now! But remember – if you do ever feel lonely in the future, it’s always a good idea to talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling..

Not sure

Understanding how you feel is never easy. Feelings are always changing and often pass very quickly. If you are confused and need to work out how you’re feeling, it might help to talk to someone.