Explore your feelings Question 8

Question 8

I feel sad – more like crying than laughing.

Explore your feelings Question 8


Things happen to all of us in life that make us feel sad sometimes. Feeling sad doesn’t feel good, nut it’s OK. Try to think about the things that help you when you feel sad – maybe drawing a picture or curling up in bed to read a book; or talking to your mum or to a friend. When you’re feeling sad or worried, it usually helps to talk to someone you trust about what’s going on.


It isn’t good if you feel sad all the time – it sounds as though you’re pretty fed up with things. Sometimes when you feel sad, you might also feel angry or mixed up. All these feelings are OK, but it’s not good to feel like this all the time. This can change – try talking to someone you trust about your worries. You have the right to feel happy, and may just need a little help to feel that way again!


Things must be going pretty well for you right now! Talking about your feelings – whatever they are – is always a good idea!

Not sure

Understanding how you feel is never easy. Feelings are always changing and often pass very quickly. If you are confused and need to work out how you’re feeling, it helps to talk to someone.